5 Must have ingredients in acne scar skin care

Elise Butler | June 17, 2020837,432 Views 



Aloe Vera Juice is sometimes considered the more concentrated version of Aloe Vera and has many great skin healing properties. It is very rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and C and is also considered highly anti-inflammatory. The enzymes in aloe vera can be an excellent exfoliator and can give your skin a beautiful brightening effect.



A lot of Acne scars can be attributed to the breakdown of collagen fibers around the area of the pore.The most common types are ice pick , box car , and rolling scars. By adding coconut oil to your regimen you might be able to help support collagen production. Repairing damaged acne scar skin. Another great benefit to coconut oil is that it is very rich in vitamin E. 



Resisting the urge to pop pimples is tough, but we have all heard we should not do that. The issue you when you pop pimples or acne you create and opening in your skin barrier that all kinds of germs and bacteria can get in. This can turn a little white head into a big red sore that is sure to leave a scar. Tea tree oil is a natural microbial that helps keep those nasties out so you do not get big infected pores/pimples. 



White willow extract has a lot of excellent skin healing properties. It contains naturally occurring salicylic acid. This acts as an exfoliant for your skin and can remove dead skin cells and reveal a fresh layer of skin. This is important for acne scars because it can leave you with a brighter and more radiant appearance. 



Jojoba oil is great for a few reasons, it has both vitamin E and is an antimicrobial. However, it is most popularly know for the fact that it is one of the closest oils to human sebum. This can give you are great natural moisturizer that does not give you an oily greasy feeling that many other oils can give you. It may also give your skin feedback to help it not over produce its own sebum which can lead to acne break outs. 


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